Low volume production

Alongside the custom exhaust fabrication, we also offer low volume series manufacturing. From consulting, designing, prototyping to the actual production. We can apply our extensive experience with our know how on your particular product. Whether it is an exhaust system for CUP cars, small series production cars, aftermarket exhausts for historic cars, or exhaust system outside the automotive industry.



  •  Inter Cars MX-5 Cup – Design, prototyping and manufacturing of compete exhaust systems for Slovak national MX5 cup series
  • MATERIALMORD Racing DE – Design and manufacturing of VW VR6 turbo manifold for high output sprint engines.
  • SP-EL.cz – Design, prototyping and manufacturing of a complete exhaust system for Skoda Felicia 1.3 and 1.6 historic race engines

Small series production cars

  • K1 Attack – Design, prototyping and manufacturing exhaust systems for K1 Attack with the Ford V6 engine
  • Aeromobil – Design and prototyping of a complete exhaust system
  • Shark Aero – Design and prototyping of an exhaust system for Shark Aero UL


  • Kloadomustang CZ – Design, prototyping and manufacturing a variety of exhaust systems for 1st gen Ford Mustang with both smallblock and bigblock engines. Including a complete exhaust system for Eleanor replica cars.
  • Munich Icons BE – Design, prototyping and manufacturing complete exhaust systems for BMW E24 635CSi and BMW E21 320 and 323i.


Consulting is the first pre-production phase:
In this phase we analyze the requested parameters and properties that the customer needs and we also valuate the conditions that the exhaust will be operated in. We also analyze the production feasibility and the expected labor intensity. We apply our extensive know how and experience to help you to find an optimal solution for your particular application. A rough price estimate is also set in this phase.

Design is the second pre-production phase:
In this phase we realize the whole design of the future product. That means calculating and simulation of optimal manifold parameter (if the manifold is requested), piping route and inner silencer (muffler) construction. In this phase a final price is usually determined.


After concluding the first pre-production phases, we can offer you the first production phase, which is prototyping. We implement the pre-production phase design into prototypes and determine the whole production process. We also build a welding rig in this phase, that will be used to manufacture the future products. Therefor the prototype is usually manufactured the exact same way as the future products will be. After testing sessions with the customer, we are able to modify the prototype or completely scratch it and return to pre-production phases if necessary. This phase continues until the final design is agreed upon and the phase is then closed.

Production and capacity

After concluding the prototyping phase, we can start the actual low volume production. The production takes place on a special welding table, using a welding rig constructed during prototyping. We have a dedicated welder who does all the manufacturing. That’s why we are usually able to supply products within 14 days from ordering (depends on the volume of production). Minimal order is typically 5 pcs of any product. The maximal order is about 100pcs, depending on the labor intensity of the product.

Machines and equipment


We are equipped with multiple types of welding machines and are able to perform TIG, MIG and WIG welding. We are able to weld all material commonly used on exhaust and intake manifolds of engines. We weld steel, stainless stee, aluminium and titanium. We have a team of three professional welders with more than 10yrs experience each.

Bending machine:
Vast majority of our bends are performed on a ERCOLINA TOP 030 bending machine.

Bending tube diameters

  • 40×1,5mm
  • 40x2mm
  • 45×1,5mm
  • 45x2mm
  • 50×1,5mm
  • 50x2mm
  • 54×1,5mm
  • 60×1,5mm
  • 70×1,5mm

The radius of a bend is always defined as double the diameter of the tube

  • Hydraulic press with our custom forms
    • Max pressure of 70 tons
  • Lathe
    • TOS SV1
  • Standing drill
  • Hand plasma cutter
  • Automatic tube polishing machine
    • The automatic mechanical pipe polisher is mainly used for mechanical polishing of decorative exhaust tailpipes. It is able to polish pipes and elliptical shapes.